Moving assets from one system to another

This section describes how to export the Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator assets from the Adobe® LiveCycle® Content Services 9 repository as an ACP file and import them into another repository. You can use this procedure to move assets from a development environment to a production environment.

Export an ACP file

To export of the Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator repository from Content Services, open Adobe® LiveCycle® Contentspace 9 and export the /Company Home/DataStore space into an ACP file. Be sure to include the content space and contained files and folder when exporting:

  1. Log in to Contentspace (http://<server>:<port>/contentspace).

  2. Go to Company Home > DataStore.

  3. In the More Actions list, select View Details.

  4. Select the Export action.

  5. Specify a Package Name.

  6. Select the Include This Space and Include Children checkboxes.

  7. Select the destination for the export.

  8. Click OK to export the file.

  9. Browse to the location that you specified as the destination and download the exported ACP to the file system.

Import an ACP file

The Import utility is located in sa_resources\SA_SDK_9.5\client-libs\common\import-util. The import procedure refers to this folder as <IMPORT_UTIL_ROOT>.

  1. Go to the <IMPORT_UTIL_ROOT>\config folder.

  2. Open the file and modify the values of the following properties according to your environment:
    • userName: User name required to log in to the Manage Assets UI.

    • password: Password for the user.

    • soapEndpoint: SOAP endpoint for the LiveCycle server.

  3. Go to the <IMPORT_UTIL_ROOT> folder and run the Import utility, following the instructions for your operating system:

    • On Windows, enter this command:
      import.bat <path of the ACP file> [importWithDD|importWithoutDD]

      If you use the importWithDD option and there is a data dictionary conflict, the data dictionaries in the imported ACP file take precedence over data dictionaries that already exist in the repository.

      If you use the importWithoutDD option and there is a data dictionary conflict, the data dictionaries in the repository take pre ce nd en ce over those in the ACP file.

    • On UNIX, enter this command: <path of the ACP file> [importWithDD|importWithoutDD]
  4. Restart the server.