Exporting photos: Basic workflow

In Lightroom, you do not save photos in the traditional sense. Instead, you export photos. You can export photos in a variety of file formats suitable for a wide range of uses. For example, you can export photos as JPEGs to send in e-mail or share online, or as TIFFs for a print publication.

When you export photos, you create new files that include Develop module adjustments and other changes you’ve made to the photos’ XMP data. When exporting, options are available for specifying a photo’s filename, color space, pixel dimensions, and resolution. Export settings can be saved as presets for reuse.

The Publish Services panel allows you to export and upload JPEG photos directly from Lightroom to photo-sharing websites. See Export from Lightroom to Facebook.

To export photos from Lightroom, follow these basic steps:

1. Select the photos to export.

Select photos from the Grid view or the Filmstrip. See Selecting photos in the Grid view and the Filmstrip.

2. Export photos and choose a destination.

Choose File > Export or click the Export button in the Library module. Choose Export To > Hard Drive in the pop-up menu at the top of the dialog box.

The number of photos being exported appears at the top of the Export dialog box.

3. (Optional) Choose an export preset.

Lightroom has several premade presets to make it easier to export photos to disk in specific file formats. For example, the For E-mail preset generates a small, low-resolution JPEG image suitable for sending to a client as an e-mail attachment. If desired, select any of these presets from the left side of the Export dialog box and skip to Step 6. See Export photos using presets.

4. Specify export options.

Specify a destination folder, naming conventions, and other options in the various Export dialog box panels. For example, you can opt to add the exported photos to the current catalog. See Export photos to disk or CD.

5. (Optional) Save your export settings.

To save your export settings for reuse, click Add to create an export preset. See Save export settings as presets.

6. Click Export.

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