About print templates

Templates contain layouts for printing your photos, including any text overlays and print job settings. The Lightroom Template Browser in the Print module contains premade templates for common tasks, such as making contact sheets. The Template Browser also lists custom templates you have saved. Moving the pointer over a name in the Template Browser displays its page layout in the Preview panel at the top of the left column. Clicking a template name displays a preview of selected photos in the work area. The preview updates when you choose a different template or specify different print options, such as add text overlays.

Lightroom offers three types of layout templates:

  • Single Image/Contact Sheet templates let you print one or more photos all at the same size in various configurations, such as in a 2-up greeting card.

  • Picture Package templates let you print one photo in various sizes, such as for school photos and wedding portraiture.

  • Custom Package templates let you print various photos at various sizes, in any configuration.

All templates have image cells for containing photos and margin information. If you specify overlay options, a template can also contain text areas. The image cells and margins in a template scale to accommodate the paper size you specify.

Print job settings, including the paper size and printer, are also saved in a print template.

You can create new templates by modifying the settings of existing templates. Select a template, use the controls in the right panels, specify the paper size and printer settings in the toolbar, and then add a custom template. You can also modify the image cells in a template by dragging the margin guides or cell boundaries. Layout setting modifications, overlays, and print job specifications can be saved as a custom template.