Browsing photos in Grid view

Show photos in the Grid view and the Filmstrip

Lightroom provides many ways to show specific photos in the Grid view and the Filmstrip. The method you use depends on which photos you want to see. The Catalog panel lets you instantly display all photos in the catalog or the Quick Collection, as well as the most recently imported photos.

Note: You can also show photos in the Grid view and the Filmstrip by selecting folders, collections, keywords, or by searching for photos. You can refine a selection by using the options in the Library Filter bar.
 In the Catalog panel, select any of the following:
All Photographs
Shows all the photos in the catalog.

Quick Collection
Shows photos in the Quick Collection. To learn about grouping photos in the Quick Collection, see Work with the Quick Collection.

Previous Import
Shows photos from the most recent import.

Other categories, such as Previous Export As Catalog, may also appear in the Catalog panel.

Navigate between photos

In the Library module, you navigate between images by selecting the previous or next photo.

 In any view of the Library module, do one of the following:
  • To select the previous photo, press the Left Arrow key, click the Select Previous Photo icon  in the toolbar, or choose Library > Previous Selected Photo.

  • To select the next photo, press the Right Arrow key, click the Select Next Photo icon  in the toolbar, or choose Library > Next Selected Photo.

    Note: Make sure Navigate is chosen from the toolbar menu for the Select Previous Image and Select Next Image icons to appear.

Rearrange photos in the Grid view

 In the Grid view, do any of the following to rearrange photos in the grid:
  • Click the Sort Direction icon  in the toolbar.

  • Choose a sort option from the Sort pop-up menu in the toolbar.

  • If you have selected a regular collection or the lowest folder in a folder hierarchy, drag from the center of a thumbnail to sort in any order.

Note: If you have selected a smart collection or a folder that contains other folders, User Order is not available in the Sort pop-up menu, and you cannot drag to sort photos in any order.

View raw+JPEG photos

Some cameras capture raw and JPEG versions of photos. In order to view and work with the JPEG version of the photo, you must instruct Lightroom to import and recognize the JPEG version as a standalone file. See Set import and file-handling preferences.

Change the thumbnail size in the Grid view

  1. In the Grid view, choose Thumbnail Size from the toolbar menu.

    The Thumbnails control is not available unless this option is selected.

  2. Drag the Thumbnails slider.