Work with video in Lightroom

Lightroom imports AVI, MOV, and MP4 digital video files from digital still cameras. You can view thumbnails (requires QuickTime), clip duration, and metadata for video files in the Library module.

Video files cannot be adjusted in the Develop module and are not supported in the Slideshow, Print, or Web module. If you edit the metadata of a video file in the Library module, the changes are stored in the Lightroom catalog; the information is not available to other applications. You cannot see or edit the video camera’s capture time in Lightroom. For more information, see the Adobe Support article Video support in Lightroom 3.

  • To preview a video, click the Play badge  in the lower-left corner of the thumbnail. Lightroom opens the file in the default media player.
  • To import video files into Lightroom, follow the same steps as you would to import photos. See Import photos into a catalog.

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