What’s new

New features in Lightroom 2

Multi-monitor support
Open a view of the Library in a second window that can be displayed on a second monitor. Keep this window open while you’re working in any module, making it easier to view and select photos to edit or present. See Displaying the Library on a second monitor.

Streamlined Library browsing
A reorganized layout in the Library module makes it easier to manage your photos. A Volume Browser lets you check the status of local and networked volumes at a glance. The new Library Filter bar in the Grid view lets you find photos by metadata criteria; attributes such as ratings, labels, and flag status; or a text search of indexed metadata fields. See The Volume Browser and Find photos using the Library Filter bar.

Simplified keywording
The Keywording panel and new Keyword List panel are both on the right side of the Library module, making it easier to add, apply, and manage keywords. A new keyword set suggests similar keywords for photos whose capture times are in proximity. See Keywords.

Support for larger file sizes
Work with files up to 65,000 pixels long or wide, up to 512 megapixels. See File formats.

Local color adjustments
Make exposure, brightness, clarity, and other adjustments on specific areas of a photo by using the Adjustment Brush tool or the Graduated Filter tool. See Apply local adjustments.

Output creations
Save settings from the Slideshow, Print, and Web modules with a collection so that you can easily return to those settings for a group of photos. See Save slide show settings as an output creation, Save print settings as an output creation, and Save web settings as an output creation.

Smart collections
Create smart collections based on metadata rules that you specify. Smart collections automatically stay up-to-date with the photos that meet the criteria you specify. See Create a smart collection.

Postcrop vignette
Apply a vignette effect to a cropped photo. See Apply a postcrop vignette.

Tighter integration with Adobe Photoshop
Open photos from Lightroom in Photoshop more quickly and as a Smart Object. Merge multiple photos to panorama, merge multiple high dynamic range (HDR) photos, or open multiple photos as one layered file in Photoshop. When you return to Lightroom, edited images are automatically added to the catalog. See Edit photos in Photoshop.

New print options
Create print layouts, called picture packages, that contain one photo in a variety of sizes on a page. Enjoy improved output sharpening, and print to a JPEG file for your print service provider. See Laying out photos in a picture package, Sharpen a photo for print, and Print to JPEG.

Improved performance
Lightroom makes better use of multiple processors for faster display of thumbnails and photos, and supports 64-bit systems running Windows® Vista® and Mac OS®.

Output SDK
A Software Development Kit allows third parties to create plug-ins that enhance Lightroom functionality for exporting photos, creating web photos galleries, and adding custom metadata. See Export plug-ins.

For more information on additional changes, see the latest Lightroom ReadMe.

For a video about the new features in the Library module, see www.adobe.com/go/lrvid2216_lrm.

For a video about the new features in the Develop module, see www.adobe.com/go/lrvid2217_lrm.

For a video about the new features in the Slideshow, Print, and Web modules, see www.adobe.com/go/lrvid2218_lrm.