Add text to web galleries

Add titles, description, and contact information to web photo galleries

Website titles, photo collection titles and descriptions, contact information, and a web or mail link appear on every web page in your web photo gallery.

 In the Site Info panel or in the work area, do either of the following:
  • Overwrite the text in the corresponding boxes with site and collection titles, a collection description, contact info, and a web or mail link. In the work area, double-click the text to activate the box you want to type in. The information you type appears on every web page.

  • Delete the text in the corresponding boxes so that web pages do not contain any titles, description, contact info, or a web or mail link.

Each time you enter a site title, collection title, collection description, or contact info, Lightroom stores the information as a preset. When creating other web photo galleries, click the triangles to the right of Site Title, Collection Title, Collection Description, Contact Info, and Web Or Mail Link to choose a preset from the pop-up menu.

Add your identity plate to web photo galleries

You can use your identity plate as your website or gallery title.

  1. In the Site Info panel (HTML templates) or the Appearance panel (Flash templates), select Identity Plate.
  2. (Optional) To use a different identity plate, click the triangle in the lower-right corner of the identity plate preview area and choose from the menu.
    Note: Choosing Edit opens the Identity Plate Editor.

Display photo titles and captions in web photo galleries

You can add titles and captions beneath the large versions of the images in your web photo gallery. You can either type the title and caption that you want to appear below every photo, or specify that metadata be displayed with each photo. For example, if you entered caption metadata for your photos in the Library module, you can display the caption metadata that is specific to the photos in your web gallery.

 In the Image Info panel, do any of the following:
  • To display the same title and caption under all photos, choose Custom Text from the pop-up menus next to Title and Caption, and then enter the title and caption in the boxes below those options.

  • To display a different caption or title for each photo, click the Custom Settings menu to the right of Title or Caption, and choose Edit. In the Text Template Editor that appears, insert the IPTC title or caption metadata element, and click Done.

  • To display information from a photo’s metadata, click the Custom Settings menu to the right of Title or Caption, and choose the metadata that you want from the pop-up menu.

Display a copyright watermark in web photo galleries

Photos in your web photo gallery can display a text-based watermark with copyright information derived from IPTC metadata. Lightroom does not support graphical watermarks. To add a graphical watermark to photos in a web gallery, use a third-party template such as TTG Postcardviewer.

Note: You can also apply a text-based copyright watermark to photos that you export from Lightroom. See Specify metadata handling.
  • In the Output Settings panel, select Add Copyright Watermark.

    Lightroom displays the metadata copyright in the lower-left corner of the large image preview. You cannot edit or customize the size, placement, or appearance of this copyright watermark.

  • To display copyright metadata in the caption below the large photo, in the Image Info panel, choose Edit from the menu next to Caption. Then, insert the copyright IPTC metadata token. The placement of this copyright cannot be edited, but the color can be specified with the Detail Text option in the Color Palette panel.