Import photos from Photoshop Elements (Windows)

Lightroom detects if your computer has a Photoshop Elements catalog, and can import photos and data from the catalog. This feature is not available on Mac OS.

  1. In the Library module, choose one of the following options from the File menu:
    Upgrade Photoshop Elements 6 Catalog
    Imports photos from the current Photoshop Elements catalog. (Skip step 3.)

    Import From Photoshop Elements 5 And Earlier
    Imports photos from Photoshop Elements 3.x through 5.x. (Skip step 2.)

    Note: Lightroom does not import directly from Photoshop Elements 7 catalogs.
  2. If you choose Upgrade Photoshop Elements 6 Catalog, confirm or change the Lightroom catalog to which you want to add the Photoshop Elements photos. Then, click Upgrade.
  3. If you choose Import From Photoshop Elements 5 And Earlier, click OK when you’re warned that importing a large catalog may take a long time. In the Choose A Catalog dialog box, select the default Photoshop Elements catalog or navigate to a Photoshop Elements catalog in a custom location. Then click OK.
For information on importing from an iPhoto® library, see the O’Reilly blog post Moving your images from iPhoto to Lightroom by Lightroom Community Help moderator Gene McCullagh.