Specify metadata handling

 In the Export dialog box, tell Lightroom how to handle metadata associated with the exported photo, including applying a text-based copyright watermark.
Minimize Embedded Metadata
Includes only copyright metadata fields in the exported photo. This option is not available for DNG files.

Write Keywords As Lightroom Hierarchy
Uses the pipe character ( | ) to indicate parent/child relationships (such as “Names|Maria”) in the metadata fields.

Add Copyright Watermark
Adds a copyright watermark if a copyright tag is present in the IPTC metadata. This option is not available for DNG files. To add or edit IPTC copyright metadata, use the Copyright field in the Metadata panel.

The copyright watermark appears in the lower-left corner of the exported photo. The size, placement, and appearance of the watermark cannot be edited or customized.

Note: To create and apply custom and graphical copyright watermarks to exported photos, use the third-party plug-in LR2/Mogrify, donationware by Timothy Armes. For information about applying copyright watermarks to photos in web galleries, see Display a copyright watermark in web photo galleries.