Paragraph formats

Paragraph formats contain settings for how the text looks and the format applies to the entire paragraph. Paragraph formats are the basis of document formatting in unstructured FrameMaker documents though they can also be the basis of document formatting in structured FrameMaker documents.

Paragraph Designer

The Paragraph Designer is used to create and manage paragraph formats.

Paragraph Designer
Basic properties

Default font properties

Pagination related properties

Numbering lists

Advanced properties

Properties for Asian text

Table cell properties

Paragraph tag list

Edit the tab stop properties

Commands menu

The Paragraph Catalog lists all the paragraph formats available for a document. To apply a paragraph tag, select the text and select the tag from the Paragraph Catalog.

The Paragraph Catalog displays a list of all the Paragraph tags present in the template

Create a paragraph format

  1. Click in a paragraph whose format is like the one you want to create. Be careful not to select multiple paragraphs so that no properties are set to As Is.

  2. Choose New Format from the Commands pop-up menu in the Paragraph Designer and enter a name for the new format in the Tag box.

  3. To later update the new format or copy it to other documents by using the File > Import > Formats command, select Store In Catalog. Formats that aren’t stored in the catalog can be applied to other paragraphs only by copying and pasting.

  4. To apply the new format to the current paragraph, select Apply To Selection.

  5. Click Create.

  6. If you didn’t select Apply To Selection in step 4, choose the new format name from the Paragraph Tag pop-up menu.

  7. Modify any of the properties you want.

    Don’t set any property to As Is. Paragraph formats must have all properties specified.

  8. Click Update All.