Adobe FrameMaker 8

Saving documents in Text Only format

Saving a document in Text Only format creates a text file with the text encoding of your choice: ANSI (Windows), ISO Latin-1 (UNIX), or ASCII. (On Japanese-language systems, you can also use JIS, Shift-JIS, or EUC. On other Asian-language systems, you can use encodings for the supported languages.) Only ordinary text--text in text frames and tables--is saved; graphics, text in graphic callouts, footnotes, and formatting information are not saved. Reformat line lengths and hyphenation as needed before saving the file (seeChanging indents and alignment and Changing hyphenation and line breaks).

If some characters are not available in the text encoding that you choose, those characters will be replaced in the text file. For example, when you save a document in Text Only format using ANSI (Windows), ISO Latin-1 (UNIX), or ASCII encoding, spaces (including thin, en, em, and numeric spaces) are converted to regular spaces.

To save a document as text only:

1. Choose File > Save As.

2. Specify the filename and location, and choose Text Only format.

3. Click Save.

4. Do one of the following:

To break each line into a separate paragraph, click At the End of Each Line. This option maintains a file's original line breaks and blank lines. Use this option for a line-oriented file such as computer code.

To merge adjacent lines into paragraphs and insert a carriage return only at blank lines, click Only Between Paragraphs. Use this option for paragraph-oriented files, such as files containing document text.

5. If you want to save table text, select Include Text from Table Cells. Then do the following:

Specify the order in which you want the table cells saved (row by row or column by column).

Choose whether to separate cells with tabs or with carriage returns by choosing items from the pop-up menus.

6. If the text file will be used on a platform that uses a different text encoding, choose an appropriate encoding from the Text Encoding pop-up menu.

7. Click Save.