Adobe FrameMaker 8

Setting bookmarks

Use the bookmarks options to define bookmark levels, create bookmarks from paragraph tags, and set up article threading.

To set bookmarks:

1. In the PDF Setup dialog box, choose Bookmarks from the pop-up menu, or click the Bookmarks tab (Windows/UNIX).

2. Select Generate PDF Bookmarks.

3. To specify at which level bookmarks appear expanded in the exported PDF, select an option from the Bookmarks Expanded through Level pop-up menu. You can type a value, such as 2, to specify that you only want the top two levels expanded.

4. To indicate which paragraphs should be converted to PDF bookmarks, move paragraph tags between scroll lists. The paragraphs in the Include Paragraphs scroll list will have bookmarks in the PDF file. To move a tag between scroll lists, select the tag and click an arrow or double-click the tag. To move all the tags from one scroll list to the other, Shift-click an arrow. To omit bookmarks, deselect Generate PDF Bookmarks.

5. To change bookmark levels for the included paragraphs, select a paragraph tag and click a Bookmark Level arrow. To change the level of all items, Shift-click a Bookmark Level arrow. If the indent for a tag exceeds six levels, n> precedes the paragraph tag, where n is the indentation level of the paragraph tag.

6. To include paragraph tags along with the paragraph text in the bookmarks, select Include Paragraph Tags in Bookmark Text. Use this option to check the assigned levels of bookmarks in a draft of the PDF file. (Deselect this option when you print the final draft of the document.)

7. Set up article threading by doing one of the following:

To have the reading order of each article follow the same order that the insertion point moves, select Articles and choose Thread by Column from the pop-up menu. This setting is usually the most appropriate in multicolumn formats.

To have the reading order of each article go from text frame to text frame, select Articles and choose Thread by Text Frame from the pop-up menu. This setting is usually the most appropriate in single-column formats.

To create no article threads, deselect Articles.

To create PDF bookmarks from structured documents, see Saving structured documents as Adobe PDF.