Adobe FrameMaker 8

Printing negative and mirror images

If your commercial printer requires you to print files to film, you may be instructed to print negative images in which all text and objects are inverted. Or you may need to print flipped images with the emulsion side down, which mirror the pages' normal appearance. Emulsion is the photosensitive substance on the film surface.

Note: The settings may differ depending on the printer driver you're using, and they may not be available with non-PostScript printer drivers.

To print negative and mirror images:

Do one of the following:

(Windows) Choose File > Print Setup. Click Properties to access the printer driver options. Locate and set the options that control negative and mirror images.

(UNIX) Follow the steps for printing color separations in Separating colors, but for step 5 choose Plate Imaging settings before clicking Set in the Set Print Separations dialog box. (Clicking Emulsion Down creates a mirror image.)