System class

The System class contains properties related to certain operations that take place on the user’s computer, such as operations with shared objects, local settings for cameras and microphones, and use of the Clipboard. The information below discusses the System.showSettings() method and the System.useCodepage property, which are relevant to Flash Media Server applications. For more information on the System class, see the System class entry in the ActionScript 2.0 Language Reference.


public static showSettings([tabID:Number]) : Void

Displays the specified Flash Player Settings panel, in which users can do any of the following:

  • Allow or deny access to their camera and microphone

  • Specify settings for local disk space available for shared objects

  • Select a default camera and microphone

  • Specify microphone gain and echo suppression settings

For example, if your application requires the use of a camera, you can inform users that they must select Allow in the Privacy dialog box, and then issue a System.showSettings(0) command. (Make sure that your Stage size is at least 215 by 138 pixels; this is the minimum size that Flash Player requires to display the dialog box.)


Flash Media Server (not required); Flash Player 6.


An optional number that specifies which Flash Player Settings panel to display, as shown in the following table:

Value passed for panel

Settings panel displayed

(parameter is omitted)

Whichever panel was open the last time the user closed the Flash Player Settings panel




Local Storage






public static useCodepage : Boolean

Flash Media Server sends text in UTF-8 format. If you set System.useCodepage = true in your code, your media application might not work properly. A value of true causes Flash Player to handle text based on the end user’s code page, as in early versions of the player. However, Flash Player will still send UTF-8 encoded text to Flash Media Server, and all text received from the server will be UTF-8 encoded as well. Setting System.useCodepage = true in a Flash Media Server application is likely to result in unexpected behavior and is strongly discouraged. For example, text might not be sent and received properly from the server. For more information on System.useCodepage, visit the Adobe Flash Support Center.


Flash Media Server (not required); Flash Player 6.