Stop an encoding session that was started from the command line

 From a command prompt in your Flash Media Live Encoder installation directory, enter the following:
FMLEcmd /s fmle_UID

When the session is streaming to a server, use the format fms_URL+stream_name for fmle_UID. For example, to stop an encoding session that is running on the server with the application named live, and the stream named livestream, you would enter the following:

FMLEcmd /s rtmp://
Note: When using the /s parameter, the stream_name portion of fmle_UID cannot contain a plus sign (+), because + is used as a delimiter in fmle_UID.

When the session is being saved to file but is not streaming to a server, use the filepath and filename for fmle_UID. For example:

FMLEcmd /s "C:\Documents and Settings\abc\My Documents\My Videos\sample.flv"
Note: When encoding multiple streams, use the first stream name or filename for the stream name or filename portion of fmle_uid.