Configuring web servers

You configure a web server to serve ColdFusion pages, for Windows and UNIX if you did not configure a web server automatically during installation, if you want to change your web server, or to configure a web server for a cluster.

You configure an external web server connection by using the Web Server Configuration Tool, which you can run through a graphical user interface (GUI) or the command line. The Windows discussions describe GUI mode, and the UNIX instructions describe command-line mode; however, you can use GUI mode in UNIX if you have access to a graphical environment.

ColdFusion 9 provides batch files and shell scripts in the cf_root/bin/connectors directory to help you get started with command-line usage.

For more information on the Web Server Configuration Tool, including information on multihoming and distributed usage, see the Configuring and Administering ColdFusion guide.

Note: If you cannot verify your configuration, repeat the procedure. If the problem persists, contact Adobe Technical Support for assistance, or manually create the element that you cannot verify in the configuration (for example, manually add an entry to the Apache httpd.conf file, as described here.).