Configuration files

The Web Server Configuration Tool stores properties in configuration files, as follows:

In the jrun.ini file, typically found in a subdirectory of the cf_root/runtime/lib/wsconfig (server configuration) or jrun_root/lib/wsconfig (multiserver configuration) directory. For IIS 5 only, it also defines filter and extension mappings in the IIS metabase.

In the httpd.conf file, typically found in the apache_root/conf directory.

Sun ONE Web Server/iPlanet
In the obj.conf and magnus.conf files, typically found in the ws_root/server-http-xxx/config directory.

The following table describes the web server connector properties in the web server configuration files. The web server connector uses these settings to help it find the ColdFusion server and know which servers to connect to.




Specifies the IP address and port on which the JRun server’s proxy service is listening for connector requests. JRun must also be configured to listen on this port and address combination, the ProxyService must be activated, and the JRun server must be running. Specify ipaddress:portnumber (for example,


Specifies the full path and filename of the file that contains information for the associated JRun server. The connector creates this file automatically. The default filename is


Creates more detailed web server log file entries for the connector. Enabling this option can cause the web server’s log files to fill quickly. Specify true or false; the default value is false. In Apache and Sun ONE Web Server, the connector writes to the error log configured for the web server; on IIS, the connector writes to its own log in the related wsconfig subdirectory.


(IIS only) Points to the virtual /JRunScripts directory on the web server.


(Optional) Specifies the URL to a file that contains a customized error message. This property is commented out by default. Restart the web server after enabling this setting.


(Optional) Enables secure sockets layer (SSL) between the web server and the JRun server. Set this setting to false.


Enables native operating-system memory allocation rather than the web server’s allocator (for use on Solaris with Sun ONE, at the direction of Adobe Support staff).


(IIS only) Forces the connector to use application mappings.


Specifies the number of seconds to wait before trying to reconnect to an unreachable clustered server.


Specifies the number of seconds to wait on a socket connect to a JRun server.


Specifies the number of seconds to wait on a socket receive to a JRun server.


Specifies the number of seconds to wait on a socket send to a JRun server.

Each time you run the Web Server Configuration Tool, it creates a configuration file and directory. For example, the first time you run the tool in the server configuration, it creates files under cf_root/runtime/lib/wsconfig/1; the second time, it creates cf_root/runtime/lib/wsconfig/2; and so on. Each of these subdirectories contains the appropriate platform-specific connector module and web-server-specific supporting files.

Sample configuration files

The following are some examples of connector-specific web server properties that help describe the web server configuration file parameters. These examples assume that JRun and the web server are on the same computer.

Apache configuration file

The following is a typical httpd.conf file for an installation of ColdFusion on the same computer as an Apache 2.0 web server:

# JRun Settings 
LoadModule jrun_module "C:/coldfusion9/runtime/lib/wsconfig/1/" 
<IfModule mod_jrun20.c> 
JRunConfig Verbose false 
JRunConfig Apialloc false 
JRunConfig Ssl false 
JRunConfig Ignoresuffixmap false 
JRunConfig Serverstore "C:/coldfusion9/runtime/lib/wsconfig/1/" 
JRunConfig Bootstrap 
#JRunConfig Errorurl <optionally redirect to this URL on errors> 
#JRunConfig ProxyRetryInterval <number of seconds to wait before trying to reconnect to unreachable clustered server> 
#JRunConfig ConnectTimeout 15 
#JRunConfig RecvTimeout 300 
#JRunConfig SendTimeout 15 
AddHandler jrun-handler .jsp .jws .cfm .cfml .cfc .cfr .cfswf 

IIS configuration file

For IIS, the connector uses the jrun.ini file to initialize the jrun.dll file (jrun_iis6.dll on IIS 6). The following is a typical jrun.ini file:

#errorurl=<optionally redirect to this URL on errors> 
#proxyretryinterval=<number of seconds to wait before trying to reconnect to unreachable clustered server> 
#connecttimeout=<number of seconds to wait on a socket connect to a JRun server> 
#recvtimeout=<number of seconds to wait on a socket receive to a JRun server> 
#sendtimeout=<number of seconds to wait on a socket send to a JRun server>

Netscape, iPlanet, or Sun ONE configuration file

The following is a typical obj.conf file for Netscape, iPlanet, or Sun ONE Web Server:

Note: Java must be disabled for the virtual server class that contains the server configured for JRun.
<Object name="default"> 
AuthTrans fn="match-browser" browser="*MSIE*" ssl-unclean-shutdown="true" 
NameTrans fn="pfx2dir" from="/mc-icons" dir="C:/Sun/WebServer6.1/ns-icons" name="es-internal" 
NameTrans fn="pfx2dir" from="/manual" dir="C:/Sun/WebServer6.1/manual/https" 
NameTrans fn="document-root" root="$docroot" 
PathCheck fn="nt-uri-clean" 
PathCheck fn="check-acl" acl="default" 
PathCheck fn="find-pathinfo" 
PathCheck fn=find-index index-names="index.jsp,index.html,home.html,index.cfm" 
PathCheck fn="jrunfilter" 
ObjectType fn=type-by-exp exp=*.jsp type="jrun-internal/ext" 
ObjectType fn=type-by-exp exp=*.jws type="jrun-internal/ext" 
ObjectType fn=type-by-exp exp=*.cfm type="jrun-internal/ext" 
ObjectType fn=type-by-exp exp=*.cfml type="jrun-internal/ext" 
ObjectType fn=type-by-exp exp=*.cfc type="jrun-internal/ext" 
ObjectType fn=type-by-exp exp=*.swf type="jrun-internal/ext" 
ObjectType fn=type-by-exp exp=*.mxml type="jrun-internal/ext" 
ObjectType fn=type-by-exp exp=*.cfr type="jrun-internal/ext" 
ObjectType fn="type-by-extension" 
ObjectType fn="force-type" type="text/plain" 
Service method=(GET|HEAD|POST) type="jrun-internal/*" fn="jrunservice" 
Service method="(GET|HEAD)" type="magnus-internal/imagemap" fn="imagemap" 
Service method="(GET|HEAD)" type="magnus-internal/directory" fn="index-common" 
Service method="(GET|HEAD|POST)" type="*~magnus-internal/*" fn="send-file" 
Service method="TRACE" fn="service-trace" 
AddLog fn="flex-log" name="access" 

The following is a typical magnus.conf file for Netscape, iPlanet, or Sun ONE Web Server:

Init fn="load-modules" shlib="C:/coldfusion9/runtime/lib/wsconfig/1/jrun_nsapi.dll" funcs="jruninit,jrunfilter,jrunservice" 
Init fn="jruninit" serverstore="C:/coldfusion9/runtime/lib/wsconfig/1/" bootstrap="" verbose="true" apialloc="false" ssl="false" ignoresuffixmap="false" #errorurl="<optionally redirect to this URL on errors>" connecttimeout="15" recvtimeout="300" sendtimeout="15"