Full motion recording

During full motion recording (FMR), the entire set of events is captured in real time as a video. Use FMR for movies that demonstrate complex procedures, like drawing or reshaping an object. FMR movies are also useful when demonstrating visual cues, such as the change in the shape of the pointer when it moves over certain objects. A handy cam icon is displayed on slides generated using FMR.

In the automatic recording mode, actions like drag-and-drop and mouse movements are automatically captured in the FMR mode. You can change this setting using the Preferences dialog box.

When the FMR mode is disabled during autorecording, you can selectively capture FMR slides by pressing F9 to shift to FMR mode. To end FMR mode, press F10. The full motion recorded movie is placed into one slide of a project and plays like a “mini movie” within the larger project.

You know that full motion recording has begun by looking at the Adobe Captivate icon in the system tray (lower-right corner of your computer screen). When you are recording normally, the icon appears as a regular icon. When full motion recording automatically begins, the icon flashes.

Note: FMR files increase the size of the project.
  1. Select File > New > Project.

  2. In the Record tab, set the recording area according to your preferences. For more information, see Set recording area.

  3. Click OK after you have completed recording your preferences.

  4. When the recording window appears, click anywhere on the margins of the recording window to set its position.

  5. Select Full Motion Recording Mode .

  6. Optionally do the following:

    • Select a panning mode if you want the recording window to follow your movements across the screen. For more information, see Panning.

    • If you are adding commentary during recording, select the type of audio input.

    • To change the default settings that Adobe Captivate uses when recording, click Settings. For more information on customizing recording preferences, see Set recording preferences.

  7. Click the Record In Selected Mode button . Alternatively, press Alt+R.

  8. Press End when you have completed the procedure.

    Note: Alternatively, click the task icon or the system tray icon to stop recording.