Record additional slides

You can record new slides and insert them into an existing project.

You can add new slides to the end of the project, or click a slide in the list, and start recording. The new slides generated after recording are inserted after the selected slide.

  1. In the project in which you want to record and insert new slides, select File > New > Additional Slides.

  2. Select the slide after which to add the new slides. Click OK.

  3. Set the recording options, and start recording.

  4. Press End when you have completed recording.

    Note: You can position the capture area anywhere on your screen. You cannot, however, resize the capture area because it is set to the same size as the project to which you are adding the slides.

The newly recorded slides are inserted into your project at the specified location.

You can also add slides by importing them from other Adobe Captivate projects or PowerPoint presentations.