Services, downloads, and video tutorials

You can enhance your software with various services, plug-ins, extensions, samples, and other assets.

For more information about extensions for After Effects, see Scripts and Plug-ins.

You can find additional free services, downloads, plug-ins, scripts, extensions, samples, examples, and tutorials by using After Effects Community Help. For a video overview that describes Community Help, see

Adobe creative online services

Many Adobe Creative Suite® 4 applications include online features that bring the power of the Web to your computer to help you connect to community, collaborate, and get more from your Adobe software. Some services offer full or partial functionality when you’re offline, too.

Adobe Exchange

Visit the Adobe Exchange at to download example projects, animation presets, plug-ins, scripts, and tutorials from Adobe and members of the community.

Adobe downloads

Visit on the Adobe website to find free updates, tryouts, and other useful software.

Adobe Labs

Adobe Labs at gives you the opportunity to experience and evaluate new and emerging technologies and products from Adobe. At Adobe Labs, you have access to resources such as these:

  • Prerelease software and technologies

  • Code samples and best practices to accelerate your learning

  • Early versions of product and technical documentation

  • Forums, wiki‑based content, and other collaborative resources to help you interact with like-minded users

Adobe Labs fosters a collaborative software development process. In this environment, customers quickly become productive with new products and technologies. Adobe Labs is also a forum for early feedback, which the Adobe development teams use to create software that meets the needs and expectations of the community.


The installation disc contains various extras to help you make the most of your Adobe software. Some extras are installed on your computer during the setup process; you can install others later, as needed, from the disc.

Adobe TV

Visit Adobe TV at to view video tutorials, video training, and other instructional and inspirational programs to help you get the most from your Adobe software.

Video tutorials: getting started, new features, and common procedures

Adobe and its partners provide a basic set of video tutorials on Adobe TV and in the Video Workshop on the Adobe website, in addition to excellent tutorials provided by other members of the community. (See After Effects community resources.)

Many sections of After Effects Help refer to additional video tutorials in context to provide information about specific features.

For detailed information about new features, see New features in After Effects CS4.

Note: Video tutorials on Adobe TV were created for After Effects CS4. Video tutorials on Video Workshop were created for After Effects CS3. Because most features don’t change substantially from one version to the next, most materials created for After Effects CS3 are still valid and useful for After Effects CS4. All video tutorials referred to within this section are still useful and valid for After Effects CS4. For details about changes between After Effects CS3 and After Effects CS4, see User interface changes from After Effects CS3 to After Effects CS4.

New features and common procedures